Living in the Heart

A 6-day Kundalini retreat with Claire Lautier

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Underneath the seemingly confident exterior of most of us is a child who longs for the simple reassurance that we are loved and safe in the midst of the ever-changing and often tumultuous landscape which is life.  Over the course of this 6-day retreat led by Claire Lautier, we will move gradually into the sacred space of the heart:  a place of deep stillness, communion and healing, where we learn to trust the Divine within as a reliable, inexhaustible and ever-new source of infinite wisdom, courage, and true creativity.  



By abiding more and more in the feminine energy of the heart, we practice Receiving, a profound act of trust in our presence on earth as illuminated beings of the Source with a unique Divine purpose; we naturally discover our role in the ongoing planetary consciousness evolution.  Thus, we take action in alignment with Divine will rather than from egoic impulses born of fear, lack and divisiveness.  


This gentle, nurturing retreat will teach you how to recognize the Universe’s benevolent intention toward you at all times by identifying the universal laws at work in your life; through daily practice of kundalini yoga and meditation, combined with plenty of time for rest, reflection, play, and laughter in the ideal natural setting of Château Marcoux, a stunning medieval homestead in the Lot-et-Garonne, France. Its private hilltop setting offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the surrounding countryside.  There is a certain special magic to southwestern France and to Château Marcoux, ideally located on ley lines that help you harness beneficial energies for transformation. Enjoy delicious meals lovingly prepared with local ingredients, lounge by the pool and on the terraces, take in the stunning panoramas all around you… and realize it’s all a reflection of YOU.  Profoundly relax and let your whole being open to the beauty of your Sat Nam, or true nature.