Join us for a cosy Kundalini yoga winter retreat to bring you back to yourself

Hearth and Home: a Kundalini Yoga Retreat with Sukhbir Kaur (Claire Lautier)

Taught in English with interpretation into French (if necessary)

The sense of ‘home’ is charged with feeling: a feeling of being warm, safe, cared for, understood, and accepted as we are. We often associate home with a physical location, but the true sense of Home is within. And while we may look for it in the outside world, through people, places and things, we are never truly at home until we come Home to our True Nature. 

 Each of us is like a seed which contains the blueprint for expressing the entire tree, or highest manifestation of its form. During the winter, the seed quietly works underground, sending its roots deep into the darkness of Mother Earth so that it may begin to express its full potential when spring comes.

Join us at Château Marcoux, a beautiful hilltop bastide in south western France, for a cozy winter retreat, a time when shorter days and the cold, fresh air of the surrounding countryside provide an ideal setting for turning inward to reflect on the sense of Home that comes from within.  During the retreat, you will be given a very practical framework that will enable you to identify and connect with your own soul’s purpose.You will come Home to your Self.

You will be supported in this work by a nourishing Ayurvedic menu appropriate for all constitutions, daily yoga and meditation, and healing touch in the form of massage.  You’ll delight in the roaring fire of the hearth in Château Marcoux’s main living area, sheltered by its thick, solid walls and their enveloping sense of comfort, warmth and protection, sharing and growing in an intimate group setting.  

Are you ready to come Home? If so, register here: